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Mobile Application For Your Business !

If you’re not reaching, engaging, and monetizing customers on mobile, you’re likely losing them to someone else, its time to future-proof your business.

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We believe your business deserves a payment system that not only creates a much more efficient way of working, but also fits you like a smart glove.

What We Do

“We use the best technologies that are available and create a modern yet practical solution for your business which allows for some exciting new opportunities you are, at the moment, missing out on. With the amount of choice we can give you, there should be no excuse why you are not giving your customers the very best experience when they interact with your business. With a bespoke system in place, you will reach a new level of connectivity with your customers, which you will both be extremely pleased with”


We specialize in creating apps that engage, monetize and reward your customers in ways you are probably missing out on with some of our pretty amazing features that cover…

Pre order & Pre pay

Perfect for bars, restaurants, cafes and takeaways so people can pre-order and prepay to cut down on your queues while turning up your profits.

I beacons

Perfect for festivals, large venues, museums and retail. with amazing accuracy that can be programed to trigger special offers or extra content to really make you customers feel like they are submerged into an interactive experience.

Marketing campaigns

Laser market offers and deals to the right customers and see your conversions go through the roof compared to ALL other methods of marketing.

Tablet systems

Can now take pre orders, pre payment, home delivery (takeaway or delivery based products), table service (bar, restaurants) or click & collect.

No hardware needed

For a simple system that allows customers to make and redeem purchases in person over the counter.

iOS& Android Design

Specialising in both iOS and Android means we know the operating systems design guidelines inside out. Knowing what to use, and when, is key to optimising our apps’ usability and memorability.

User Interface

We have a huge passion for everything beautiful in the digital landscape. So, from creating new screen layouts to finessing single icons, we ensure engaging, pixel perfect designs.

Epos integration

Which sees your live inventory and sales numbers. These stats can be used to promote special offers direct to your customers based on your sales numbers.

Home delivery

Do you offer home delivery to your customers? Well now you can. Perfect for takeaways and online retailers.

M-Ticket systems

Creates an instantly paperless and cashless system. Take bookings for restaurants, events, concerts or anything that requires a ticketed entrance. Either have scanners or touch to redeem interface for swiftly moving the queue along.

Click & Collect

Our click & collect system works great for retail, bars and restaurants. Which allows people to pre order items before they arrive.

Merchant analytics

Amazing levels of customer stats to help you design new sales and marketing strategies around your customers buying habits.

Credit and money sending

Users can send and transfer money to each other at the tap of a button, which lets them split the bill together.

User Experience

Our designers live and breathe mobile apps. With fantastic knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, it’s no surprise we can make getting from A to B both seamless and enjoyable.

Production Design

All of our apps have carefully crafted assets, but they’re not just good looking. Our in-house production designers make sure every single one feels right at home with the interface and experience.

Bespoke design

All of our apps are designed with your business at the forefront of our mind.

If you’re ready to talk about Mobile App or redesigning a website with KraftPage Web Solution, contact us today by calling (+91) 94948 33943. We provide website design options and digital marketing services for nearly any budget